Browse our FAQ’s to find what you are looking for. If you have any questions that we haven’t been able to answer, please contact us. 

Our Canopy Camper product page (Canopy Camper - Canopy Camper - Alu-Cab Global) lists all the vehicle and year models we have Canopy Camper fitment kits for.

While the Khaya Camper is designed to suit most mid-sized DC (Shortbed) and XC (Long bed) pick-ups, there are still certain limitations. Please contact your nearest dealer or queries@alu-cab.co.za to ensure the Khaya Camper suits your vehicle model.

Use our Dealer Locator (Dealer Locator - Alu-Cab Global) to find your nearest dealer. If there is no dealer listed in your area please contact queries@alu-cab.co.za to further assist you.

Once you have located your nearest dealer using our Dealer Locator (Dealer Locator - Alu-Cab Global) you can contact them to further assist with pricing.

Please contact queries@alu-cab.co.za and provide all relevant business information. We will direct you to the relevant point of contact.

We do not manufacture any custom products or do any custom builds.

Have a look at our Care Instructions (3 Feb 2021-Alu-Cab Expedition Gen 3 (LR)) to ensure that you are correctly taking care of your tent.

In cold weather and with windows shut some moisture can form. We recommend having side windows open slightly if moisture is forming. Ventilation is key! If the moisture buildup becomes a bigger problem, please contact queries@alu-cab.co.za to further discuss.

The Gen 3.1 is designed to suit most vehicles, from SUVs to pickup trucks. Your vehicle does require a roof rack/rail system for the tent to be mounted to and you should consider your vehicle’s static and dynamic roof load rating. Feel free to email us at queries@alu-cab.co.za for more assistance regarding your specific roof rack/vehicle’s load capacity.

No, we do not offer any trade-ins.