Canopy Camper Water Tank Canvas bags

The Canopy Camper Canvas bags are an additional accessory to the water tank.


Not suited to the Land Cruiser Canopy Campers at present.

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Canopy Camper Water Tank Canvas Bags only. These bags are designed specifically for the Water Tank.


Masses & Dimensions:

Mass (kg)

Water Tank (Empty)9,50
Water Tank (Full)59,50
Complete Assembly without bags (Empty)20,50
Complete Assembly with bags (Empty)24,00
Complete Assembly without bags (Full)70,50
Complete Assembly with bags (Full)74,00


Water Tank – Length1468
Water Tank – Width105
Water Tank – Height520
Complete Assembly – Length1468
Complete Assembly – Width (with empty bags)± 145
Complete Assembly – Width (without bags)± 135
Complete Assembly – Height665




Optional Extras

Canopy Camper Water Tank Canvas Bags Kit - CC-A-WT-CB-KIT