Alu-Cab contributes R50 000 towards Anti-Poaching.

Over the years, a steadfast partnership with Alu-Cab has proven time and again that the company’s heart is committed to rhino protection and conservation. We are incredibly grateful to all at Alu-Cab for their incredible support, and for their latest donation of R50 000.00. We will be utilizing this funding to purchase camera traps, to be deployed within the National Parks.

In the current counter poaching struggle the limitations in man power, budgets for overtime and salaries can bring a well organised and disciplined counter poaching operation to a standstill. However, the strategic placement of technologies like the camera trap provide the ranger with a tool to act as extra eyes in the bush. The intelligence gathering capabilities of a camera trap are invaluable – being real time, accurate and with a 24/ 7 deployment. Strategically placed camera traps, acting as an early warning system and used in tandem with a well organised counter poaching team, can yield imposing results.

In addition to the counter poaching intelligence gathering capacity, the camera trap provides very useful information on animal movements, distributions and identifying of specific individuals. This conservation application is priceless given the pressures that Rhino populations are currently experiencing. Included is a photo of a black rhino in the area where the camera traps were supplied – the camera traps are also very useful in keeping track of rhino movements and identifying specific individuals.

Elise Daffue – Founder

Alu-Cab would like to thank each customers for their support by purchasing an Alu-Cab canopy, as a percentage of each canopy sold is donated to

We have to keep fighting for our animals…