The Girly-Girl and Overlanding 

What a revelation – it can be done!

So, I think I should start my story way back when I was carefree and full of wonder… a cliché, right? Nevertheless, I’m here to tell you my story of how I, a real girly-girl, started to enjoy overlanding… And this is a true story! I kid you not.

I’ll take you back a few years, by few, I mean about 20! My word, I’m old.

I was a member of our high-school outdoor club and by being a member it meant that, well, we were outdoors a lot. I camped in caves, bathed in rivers, hiked up mountains and knew a substantial amount about the African fauna and flora. I was part of the catering committee too and I even did rock climbing as a sport – you know, an allrounder!


What I am trying to get at is, I used to be a real outdoorsy girl. I just loved being in the middle of nowhere and breathing in the fresh air.

Then … city life happened, then varsity life and poof! – my time outdoors was a distant memory. I also married quite the city slicker, as they say. Even though he loves his trail running in the mountains, I can honestly say, he is not a camper. We are, as we like to call ourselves, glampers. I am not ashamed! Okay, actually I am really ashamed, but we will deal with that in another confession.

Enter some adventure…

Over the last two years I have dabbled in my fair share of overlanding since being with Alu-Cab.

Let me tell you about the first time I was invited on a trip to “the bush”… I almost died! What about my hair, my make-up, how am I going to shower – the thoughts were racing through my head. Should I have my eyelashes done, purchase dry shampoo? Ah, endless stress. It was quite sad really.

We embarked on a 3 day photoshoot with the team. I was nervous. I had NO IDEA what to expect.

It was a misty day that we traveled and I could not see a single thing in front of me. I might add, it was winter. Dedication to your job I tell you!

As we were about to enter our destination, my boss calls from his truck and says “call your loved ones, we will not have signal for 3 days”…Um, pardon?! I did not sign up for this. I have kids. This is crazy. What the actual.

We arrived at camp at 17:55, the site closed at 18:00. Close call!

Setting Up Camp

We were all freezing, but setting up camp was such a breeze, I could hardly believe it! My tent was up in no time, we had our shadow awning open, attached a side wall kit to that, added a gas heater inside and I was in heaven. I was even offered a gin & tonic in less than 30 minutes. Now you’re talking. I got this.

As a girl, I feel I should share some of my fears and phobias that go with Overlanding/Camping.

Arachnophobia – I am petrified of spiders. I can handle other bugs but I would pass out if I was in a dark room and they told me a big spider was in there. Such a scaredy-cat, I know. And then shared ablutions is just not my thing. It’s like “oh hey,  mind if I catch athletes foot from you?” Sharing is caring and all those niceties – but that’s just gross. Needless to say, these thoughts were still popping into my mind every now and then. The fact that my bed was elevated from the ground made me feel less fearful that the spiders will attack. Kate 1, spiders 0.

My accommodation was in our Canopy Camper and what a treat that was. My night was so comfy. I slept in my roof top tent, which I could access from inside my camper, I had my reading light on, my duvet, cozy pillows, USB charging my phone, I even managed a sneaky Pinterest session when we finally did have some signal. Bliss.

The next morning

Albeit early, I woke up to coffee brewing, crisp air and a gorgeous sunrise. It felt like I was back in a cave, but with waaaayyy more comforts.

I was able to mosey out of bed and try to make myself presentable inside the secrecy of my camper. No one will know what I really look like 😉 I was able to change inside standing up. Not the old school days of cranking my neck and trying to maneuver the glamourous skinny jeans on to emerge like, “ oh I woke up this this”. Morning light streamed in from the windows and I could do my hair and makeup. It was a breeze.


It should be noted, the Alu-Cab Shower Cube on the side of the camper was a great addition. No more athletes foot. I just need to overcome showering while I know my team is sitting in their camp chairs fairly close by, sipping on coffee and trying to not make it awkward. I’ll refrain from singing, this time.

Some may think, oh what a girl! She should just suck it up. Well, I did and I survived. Three nights, minimal signal, one night with no bathroom (oh my soul) but I could do it. The Alu-Cab Canopy Camper made it possible for me.

I’m not going to lie, I feel fairly hard-core now. Tough as nails.

No back up needed! I was able to open and close my tent / camper without needing help, I had my luxuries but most of all I actually enjoyed it. What a revelation! Overlanding with the right gear, is enjoyable for even your most girly of girls.

You can do this!

This is totally possible girls, you can impress your man and have luxury, space and all things modern at the same time. I do need to add, the night sky. It was romantic! Yes, it was a work trip and I couldn’t enjoy it with my husband… but my gosh, outside with the stars as lights was just magical. A gin & tonic in the bush, sitting around a raging fire with perfect lighting from above, feeling hardcore hasn’t hurt anyone, has it?

Try it and let me know.