Voetspore in INDIA with Alu-Cab overland products.

It is time for the next adventure. This time round, we decided to leave the African continent and look at the BRICS countries. South Africa, together with Brazil, Russia, India and China are all leading developing or newly industrialized countries. This block represents more than half the world’s population. South Africa plays a minor role in BRICS, but we represent Africa. It is important that we know what is happening in the four major players.

We decided to start with India. Over the decades there had been a strong link between South Africa and India. South Africa (KZN) hosts the biggest Indian population outside India. Mahatma Gandhi cut his political teeth as a lawyer in South Africa. When the Proteas came out of isolation, the first cricket test was played at Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

So what vehicles do you use on a 17 000 kilometre journey through India? We decided to do it in a very Indian way – with Royal Enfields, the iconic 500 cc motorbike with its origins in a factory in 1901 in England. The Enfield has been produced in India since 1955, and the way to tackle India, especially the Himalayas in the Ladakh region, is with a Royal Enfield Classic or a Bullet.

But Voetspore will not be Voetspore without our trusted Cruisers. We are taking two Cruisers to India. These will full a role much bigger than only that of support. Four of the crew of six as well as all our gear, food and camping equipment will be in the Cruisers. The Cruisers are one single and one double cab.

The Cruisers were, like all the Voetspore expedition vehicles the past seven years, fitted with our canopy of choice – Alu-Cab. The double cab canopy is very much standard, with the exception of the additional Voetspore rail around the bottom of the canopy that allows for easy access to the top.

The single cab canopy is a little different. We believe there may be stretches where the two bikes will have to be loaded and all six crew members will travel by 4×4. That is why Alu-cab provided us with a very special canopy – one that is a little higher. The Enfields are not that big, and if necessary we will load both bikes inside the canopy and make our way through the pouring Monsoon rain of the Indian countryside.

Alu-Cab is not merely about canopies. We also fitted Alu-cab products such as drawer systems, water tanks, drop slides for our fridges, and awnings. Over the years we have become used to Alu-Cab’s products of quality that could withstand the challenges of Africa. Now we are taking them beyond – to India.

Our other fitment partner is 4×4 Megaworld. The recent agreement between Alu-cab and 4×4 Megaworld, determining that the latter would distribute and fit Alu-Cab products make sense to us. We have been working together with these partners for close to a decade. It is good to know that now you can do so as well.

– Johan Badenhorst