What a fantastic surprise. Wow. I’m over the moon

I’ve been touring for about 30 years. The last six years in style and comfort in my Alu-Cab.

I bought an Alu-Cab Canopy Camper about 6 years ago. I know of one and maybe two traveler’s that got hooked on Alu-Cab after seeing the ease and comfort of my setup.

I have travelled the Bobejaan 100 in Northern Namibia with the Canopy Camper. It took all the abuse and hard ship with ease. I have camped in storms, in extreme heat, in bitter cold conditions and in so many places of extreme beauty and the Alu-Cab Canopy Camper always provided me with shelter – Shelter against the elements.

Against Botswana lions, against Namibian dessert, elephants, against criminal elements in Livingstone and even against bees in Hwange. Thanks for providing me with this home away from home comfort.

On my trusty 2007 Land Cruiser I have travelled about 90 000 km with the Alu-Cab. And it is still going strong. Few scratches. Here and there – a personal touch. There’s even a little fan in the sleeping area … to counter Ndumo en Tembe heat last December… the Alu-Cab is still fit for service for many years to come.

Fellow travelers envy the ease and comfort. It literally takes 1 person 8 minutes to setup camp and 10 minutes to pack and go.

I have bought a 270 Ostrich awning 4 years ago. This awning will go to a person in my close circle of travel friends who does not have an awning … as a gift… just like I have received a truly awesome gift from you. Thank you. I’m beyond words. You have truly made my day. You have indirectly also given somebody else an awning who would have not been able to afford one. I will tell the story.

Thank you. I’m a supporter and a fan.

Piet Visser