10 months through Africa with Alu-Cab

In 2018, our team decided to sponsor James Walsh and his wife to go and achieve their travel and documentary dreams. Our side of the sponsorship involved that we equipped their vehicle with our reliable and trusted Alu-Cab gear. Knowing the adventures, awareness  and change they will bring, we were happy to embark on the journey with them.

We caught up with James and his lovely wife Leonor after their incredible 10 month travel through Africa with our Alu-Cab gear. 10 Months travelling, camping and exploring… and they are still happily married and very much in love! Go Alu-Cab gear, we are taking the credit 😉

They embarked on their journey with their Ford Ranger Double Cab ( Aka : Bella the beast)  equipped with the following Alu-Cab products on their vehicle to share the adventures with them.

Bella the beast was fitted with

Let’s chat to James

1.We asked James a few questions about their wonderful trip and here is what he had to say:

My name is James Walsh and I am a documentary film-maker and photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Since March 2018, my wife and I have been travelling north through Southern and East Africa visually capturing some of the interesting fresh voices shaping modern conservation for our latest project, CO/EXIST.  We have just arrived back in Cape Town after 10 months and  27 120 km across 10 countries that enabled us to meet and interview some incredible people!

The two formats for this project are a documentary film for broadcast and film festivals and a multi-media exhibition for gallery/museum spaces that will combine moving images (interviews and breathing room scenes) with stills and artistic animations.

A key aim of our project is to acknowledge and celebrate the fact that Africa has managed to conserve its megafauna perhaps better than any other continent but there are challenges. And so we wanted to give voice to the unique people on the ground who are enabling modern conservation across our continent. We want to bring these African voices to a global audience both in celebration and to raise awareness.

We were very fortunate to have the support of Alu-Cab and their fantastic products which enabled us to get to those remote and interesting places for from the beaten track. “

2. James, please explain the terrain and weather that was experienced:

“Shew, we experienced all types of weather and terrain on this 27 000km adventure. From the furnace winds of Lake Turkana to the torrential rain in the mountain forests of the Ruwenzori of the Uganda Rift Valley, we weathered it all 🙂  “

3. And so, how did our gear help with this?

Having the Alu-Cab gear gave us confidence and flexibility. At the end of every day we’d know after less than 5 minutes of set-up time, we’d had a dry, warm, comfy bed off the ground. A good night’s sleep after 10 hours of driving or filming all day in a remote location were absolutely essential – especially when one is on the road for 10 months! We could also make plans knowing that we were self-sufficient with our Alu-Cab home which gave us the chance to roam.

4. We know it is hard to choose, but if you were forced,  what would be your best product and why?

This is a tricky question.

From the simplicity of the fridge slide (have you ever tried to lift a full 60 lite fridge?!) to stopping for lunch in the remote spot in the baking heat and flipping out the awning for some much needed shade in less than a minute, to the drawer system which housed our everyday items such as food and clothes that made our lives so much easier. And then of course the rooftop tent that not only was robust but also super easy to use. And long and wide enough for a couple to sleep comfortably. That tent is epic.

We’re going to miss this Alu-Cab home!

5. After all those adventures and memories that will last a lifetime, tell us, how were the products when you returned back to Cape Town?

The strength and durability of the equipment despite everything the rugged terrain and the heat and rain could throw that at it, is exceptional! So much so that now we’ve returned home and given the gear a decent wash, it looks brand new!

To view James’ work:

Still Images: jameswalsh.work