Alu-Cab 3.1 and 270 Shadow Awning Testimonial

Alu-Cab Testimonial

I am extremely satisfied with my Alu-Cab 3.1 rooftop tent and 270 Shadow Awning and wanted to take a moment to provide some feedback to those that may be deciding between various options. Prior to this I had always used a ground tent while camping with my 200 series Landcruiser. While that was a great solution for many years, I knew it was time to upgrade to a solid rooftop tent. As I began my research, I identified three characteristics that I was looking for in my tent purchase.

Mounting of accessories

I knew that I wanted a tent that I could mount accessories on top of. This limited my search to hard shell tents. My roof rack would no longer be accessible once the tent was installed, and so Alu-Cab’s clever crossbar system was incredibly appealing to me. With the 3.1 update, Alu-Cab has also extended the cargo rails so that they now run the entire length of the tent. This means that I can mount everything I need right on top of the tent.

Four-Season suitability

Another major consideration was true four-season construction. Here in the Northeastern United States, we camp in temperatures that can be well below zero degrees centigrade, and sometimes reach 30 to 35 degrees in the summer months.   Alu-Cab’s new 3.1 tent has an improved 3D mesh, as well as a dedicated air vent, that work in tandem to allow for greater insulation and condensation management. The aluminum construction and strong struts also meant that I would have no issues even if the tent were covered with heavy, wet snow.


A suitable Awning

Lastly, I wanted a tent that I could run in parallel with a wraparound/270 degree awning. My previous awning was great, but it required that I setup upright poles each time I deployed it. Alu-Cab has produced perhaps the greatest awning on the market and I was eager to give it a try. The Shadow Awning is super easy to deploy and provides a fantastic, shaded area that is much larger than I had expected.

All in all, I am very pleased with the product, and I have spent my first nights camping in both a remote, rain-soaked forest and out on the beach. Both experiences would not have been anywhere near as pleasurable if I were pitching a ground tent in the mud or on the sand. Now that the Alu-Cab tent and Awning are installed I plan to get out much more often. These products make exploration and adventuring nearly effortless. You just have to remember to make some sandwiches and drinks and you are good to go!

If you are interested in seeing more of my photos and thoughts on the Alucab 3.1 tent and Shadow Awning, you can find me on Instagram: @Charlie.Dont.Dance.Tango