Bernie Williams: Land Cruiser 79 Build Testimonial

“For the first time in almost 20 years I can say I am happy with my setup for what I do. People that know me will know that I have always slept in a tent on the ground. The Alu-Cab Gen 3.1 RTT, has managed to change my mind. It is so quick and easy to operate and that I can leave my bedding inside makes a big difference. The charge points and lights are an absolute bonus.

The Alu-Cab drawers are MASSIVE and simply swallows up everything I need to stash away. I make use of the Desert Products boxes to pack all my foodstuffs in. I have easy access to my table stored in the roof of the canopy. All my recovery gear is neatly kept in an easy to reach storage compartment also helps to make life easier when they are needed. The fact that I can sit under the 270 degree awning that can provide shade anywhere is incredible.”