CSI Involvement

CSI Involvement

Fighting Poaching with Paws

In the heart of Southern Africa, a new defender is rising to the challenge of protecting its precious wildlife. Meet Ammo, a spirited and determined puppy, who is about to embark on an incredible journey with the Thornybush K9 Anti-Poaching Unit. Thanks to the unwavering commitment of Alu-Cab, Ammo's future is now destined to make a real difference in the fight against wildlife crime.

The Thornybush K9 Anti-Poaching Unit - Combating Wildlife Crime

The poaching crisis has taken a devastating toll on Africa's unique flora and fauna, pushing many endangered species to the brink of extinction. It's a battle that demands urgent action and a steadfast resolve to protect these vulnerable creatures. This is precisely where the Thornybush K9 Anti-Poaching Unit steps in and Ammo is set to be at the forefront of this noble cause.

How Alu-Cab Supports Wildlife Conservation

We believe in the power of collective efforts to make a lasting impact on wildlife conservation. This is why we are proud to be part of the Thornybush K9 Anti-Poaching Unit's vital mission. This non-profit organization has been dedicated to safeguarding Africa's natural treasures for years, employing highly skilled and specially trained K9s to tackle the pressing issue of poaching.

Ammo's Journey

With the help of sponsors like Alu-Cab, the Thornybush K9 Anti-Poaching Unit can train and deploy K9 teams into the wild, where they become an integral part of the fight against wildlife crime. These remarkable dogs possess an unrivaled sense of smell and intuition, enabling them to track down poachers and locate illegal wildlife products swiftly. Their presence acts as a powerful deterrent, curbing poaching activities and ensuring that the majestic African wildlife can roam freely without fear.

Through our sponsorship, we are investing not only in Ammo's future but also in the future of wildlife across the continent. Together, we are creating a safer haven for elephants, rhinos, lions, and countless other species that are so critical to the delicate balance of Africa's ecosystem.

Learn more about Ammo and the Thornybush K9 Anti-Poaching Unit at https://www.thornybush.com/experience/k-9-unit/.

At Alu-Cab we feel it is our responsibility to promote sustainability and preservation, whether it be with the design and production of our products or the natures we explore. That is why we have partnered with Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), an environmental organisation for the conservation of threatened species and ecosystems in southern Africa.

Alu-Cab proudly supports the Birds of Prey Programme:

The Birds of Prey Programme lead by Dr. Gareth Tate. In Southern Africa alone, the Birds of Prey Programme has a current footprint that spans across South Africa into Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya and Mozambique. Dr. Tate and his team travel extensively and use their vehicles as mobile homes while undertaking their conservation work and research on Africa's threatened Birds of Prey. Through our collaboration and the full kitting of their vehicles with our products, the team will be able to function more effectively


EWT, Dr Gareth Tate and his team aim to ensure that viable in situ raptor populations forever soar the African skies and across its landscapes. We are excited to join them on their journey in conserving an environment for future generations to enjoy.

Protecting forever, together


Revolutionizing Overlanding: Alu-Cab's Sustainable Innovations Pave the Way

Discover Alu-Cab's advocacy for responsible travel, conservation efforts, and how we’re inspiring our customers to be custodians of the environment during their expeditions.

At Alu-Cab, we wholeheartedly embrace a greener tomorrow as we tackle climate change head-on. Through our sustainability vision, we are dedicated to making a positive impact, creating lasting change and leaving a legacy of sustainability for generations to come.

Collaboration is at the core of our mission, uniting like-minded individuals, businesses, and organizations to amplify our positive impact. With Alu-Cab by your side, we encourage every journey to preserve the planet for future generations.

Sustainable Energy Redefined: Alu-Cab's Vision for Green Hydrogen Advancement

The future of clean energy, powered by the elements themselves!It's as simple as water and energy - no complex formulas, just straight forward sustainability. Imagine producing hydrogen, known as GH2, through a process called electrolysis, which uses renewable energy sources like solar and wind. This ingenious method replaces fossil fuels, helping us combat climate change and move towards a greener, brighter tomorrow. 

Trailblazing Towards a Greener Future: Alu-Cab's Impact in the Green Hydrogen Landscape

Alu-Cab, in partnership with Fraunhofer IWU and Texulting, has joined the green hydrogen revolution. We’re proud to be one of the first companies in South Africa to participate in this groundbreaking project. 

Amidst extended hours of load shedding in South Africa, this project takes a stand for energy security. By reducing grid energy intake and cutting down the carbon footprint of manufacturing, we are paving the way for a more sustainable future. 

Uniting Forces: Alu-Cab's Collaborative Approach to Success

Meet the Innovation Powerhouse: Fraunhofer IWU, a world-renowned institute specializing in machine tools and forming technology. This powerhouse has grown to operate an astounding 76 institutes and research units across Germany. With around 30,800 brilliant minds, mostly scientists and engineers, they are making waves with their devotion to contract research. Their expertise in innovative developments and unwavering commitment to research excellence shape our society and propel us toward a promising future.

Unveiling HyTrA: Alu-Cab's Bold Journey with Texulting, a cutting-edge technical company in the textiles industry, takes the wheel of the exhilarating HyTrA project! Together, we're propelling the microgrid business model forward and exploring the thrilling potential for hydrogen trade.

From leveraging water as a vital resource to expanding our network across Germany, South Africa, and beyond, we're leaving no stone unturned in this electrifying quest. Get ready to witness innovation on a global scale with Alu-Cab and Texulting leading the way!

Together, we're driving progress for the betterment of humanity. Hold tight as this dynamic alliance takes innovation to new heights!

At Alu-Cab, sustainability drives us forward, not just in this project but in everything we do. As an overland product manufacturer, we provide comprehensive solutions that fit perfectly with fitment centers worldwide. Partnering with like-minded organizations, we strive to make a lasting impact for future generations. Together, we pave the path to a sustainable and thriving future.

Alu-Cab and the Kingsley Holgate Foundation: A Partnership for Conservation in Africa

Africa is a breathtakingly diverse continent, home to unique wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. At Alu-Cab, we're passionate about protecting the continent's natural treasures and supporting initiatives that work towards conservation and community support. That's why we're incredibly proud to stand behind the Kingsley Holgate Foundation's Defender Transcontinental Expedition. 

A Trailblazing Quest 

Discover the extraordinary journey that took two years in the making. The Defender Transcontinental Expedition stands as a testament to human resilience and the unwavering spirit of adventure. A trailblazing journey, it carved its way from the Hot Cape to the Cold Cape, spanning the lengths of Africa and Europe from South to North. This epic odyssey marked the 40th remarkable expedition for the Kingsley Holgate team - and the world’s first carbon neutral 4x4 expedition. 

Conservation and Community Outreach in action

While journeying through vast landscapes, the Kingsley Holgate Foundation provided support to game reserves, field rangers and anti-poaching units, working tirelessly to protect our magnificent wildlife. Beyond safeguarding animals, the team's journey extended to uplifting lives. Throughout their travels, they aided over 300,000 people through various humanitarian initiatives. From distributing food packs to setting up water systems, from giving reading glasses to donating essential mosquito nets to expectant mothers and families with young ones, their efforts embody the essence of conservation and community support

Empowering the Journey

In proud support of their expedition, we had the honor of equipping two of the team's vehicles with our renowned Gen 3-R, Shower Cube, and Shadow Awning. These essential products ensured their comfort and protection throughout the journey, enabling them to wholeheartedly focus on safeguarding Africa's precious natural treasures.

The Defender Transcontinental Expedition is an inspiring testament to conservation and community support. It’s an honor to contribute to their efforts, acknowledging the crucial role in preserving Africa’s wildlife and indigenous communities for a sustainable future for all.

To learn more about the Kingsley Holgate Foundation's Defender Transcontinental Expedition and their incredible work, visit their website here.