Alu-Cab Canopy Security Window Grid

The Alu-Cab Canopy Security Window Grid provides convenient storage for small items while keeping your goods safe from sticky fingers.

It fits bolted on to the interior of the rear window of your canopy and acts as a protective/safety barrier.

Available colour options – Black only

The window grid is designed to fit most Alu-Cab Canopies except the following:

  • Jeep Gladiator
  • Mitsubishi Triton ( L200)
  • Toyota Landcruiser
  • All Adventure Door Canopies


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L: 1045 mm
H: 366 mm
Depth / Thickness: 8 mm
Weight: 2,5kg
Materials: Built from powder coated steel.

The brackets are built with powder coated aluminium.

*All rounded to nearest mm