Alu-Cabin Mozzie / Midge Nets

The Mozzie or Midgie net is a practical accessory used on our Canopy Campers and Alu-Cabins to keep bugs and insects out of your vehicle while allowing fresh air inside. It is attached to the interior of the side doors with self-adhesive Velcro. They are designed with a heavy-duty canvas cover (the same material as our Alu-Cab Tents), which can be rolled up, exposing the netting material only. Alternatively, The netting window can be zipped open and rolled up, providing an open window.

If the canvas is closed (zipped down) there is the option of using the small rectangular cut-out flap situated at the top of the canvas. Once open this will then allow the user to access the swivel light outside on the door while the canvas cover is zipped down.

*NOTE: The Alu-Cabin Mozzie / Midge Net is suitable for the Alu-Cabin only

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Side Window – Large
700 (H) x 1040 ( W)

Side Window – Small
700 ( H) x 840 (W)