Can Crusher spare wheel mount

The Can Crusher Spare Wheel Mount allows you to easily mount our infamous can crusher to your spare wheel, making it an accessible product for many vehicle applications.

The Can Crusher is a space-saving solution for your waste and it can be used as a nifty party-trick. When overlanding, be sure to take back everything you bring in, leaving places you have visited unlittered and undisturbed. This eco-friendly can crusher reduces aluminium 500ml cans by 80% of their size. This can crusher crushes most beverage cans (not food cans), as it is designed for aluminium cans.

* Can crusher sold separately*


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The Alu-Cab spare wheel can crusher mount makes the mounting of your Alu-Cab can crusher an easy DIY solution. It opens up the opportunity to mount to many vehicle applications.




0.45 kg

Overall Dimensions

330mm X 62mm X 46mm






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