Canopy Camper Fireplace Molle Plate

The Canopy Camper Fireplace Molle Plate is designed around the Dickinson P9000 Heater.

The plate has been modified from our standard Canopy Camper molle plates to allow space for the dickinson chimney. A molle plate is a great place for your equipment and gear to be mounted to the rear of the camper without drilling into the camper itself.

The Fireplace molle is used for travellers in the colder climates as you have the opportunity to mount additional gear to your camper while still using your heater inside the camper. Mount a gas bottle, our can crusher or a jerry can holder. By using straps, you would also be able to mount bags to the molle plates as desired.

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The Molle plate is an accessory mounting plate that can be added to the rear of your canopy camper. The mounting plate is a great add on to your truck, creating additional space for your gear to be stored safely and securely.