LT-50 Storage Bags

Wish you had an easier way to store your phone and small goods in your LT-50? Look no further than the LT-50 Storage Bag – the ultimate storage solution for your LT-50 tent.

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Key Features:

Secure Fit with Velcro Back Straps: The LT-50 Storage Bag is all about keeping your belongings safely tucked away. Featuring velcro back straps, it securely attaches to the side strips on your LT-50, keeping all your small goods securely in place.

Flip-Over Velcro Closure: Ever been frustrated when items fall out of your storage bags? The LT-50 Storage Bag has got you covered. Its flip-over velcro closure ensures that your items stay protected, preventing any unwanted spills and keeping your belongings safe from the elements at all times.

Space-Saving Design: Don’t run the risk of your phone falling out of your tent. The LT-50 Storage Bag’s compact design allows you to maximize your storage space without taking up valuable room inside your LT-50. It also folds flat when the tent is closed, making it a convenient solution on any trip.