Single Cab Adventure Canopy



  • Aluminium alloy construction for superior strength-to-weight ratio
  • Up to 40% lighter than competing steel canopies
  • Naturally UV stable and corrosion resistant – will never rust (even if scratched)
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easy DIY fitment in 45 minutes or less
  • Requires no drilling or assembly
  • Includes built-in roof rails for the fitment of load bars, a roof rack, awning, solar panels or a rooftop tent
  • 3-door opening and full-length side doors (on DC) for maximum canopy access
  • Centre flex, waterproof hinges – prevents rainwater dripping into the canopy when the doors are open
  • Structural roof brace doubles as internal tie-down rail for cargo (no drilling required)
  • Internal base frame creates additional lashing points for overland, camping, or workhorse applications
  • Strong aluminium construction and tamper-proof locks for better security and peace of mind
  • A tried and trusted canopy since 1999
  • Pioneered design and the first-ever aluminium adventure canopy made
  • Preferred canopy for the 4×4 rental fleets



FORD RANGER T6 2012+ Available in Double, Extra and Single Cab
HILUX REVO 2016+ Available in Double, Extra and Single Cab


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The Alu Cab Single Cab Adventure Canopy – Built for the adventure traveler, occasional camper & business owner who uses his rig for work and leisure.

PLEASE NOTE, our mounting brackets and hardware for canopies, are designed to be mounted directly to the load body, and not through a plastic loadbin liner.

Failure to remove or provide adequate clearance by way of cutting/modifying the liner to allow direct mounting to the load body, will result in an inferior installation that will void all warranties.

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Dynamic 200kg and Static 400kg

What is Static Load Capacity?

The static load capacity is the maximum recommended load which can be applied while the vehicle is stationary. For example, a parked vehicle with a Roof Top Tent and accessories (awning, shower cube, load bars etc) with people inside could weigh up to 300kg / 660Lbs (The average human weight according to global statistics is 73Kg’s / 160Lbs.).

Static load rating assumes that the product is able to support this, but it does not indicate that the same weight can be carried while the vehicle is moving either on-road or off-road.

What is Dynamic Load Capacity?

A dynamic load capacity refers to the maximum weight that can be supported by a mounting structure when it is subjected to movement, such as when a vehicle is driving.

This rating will normally be lower than a static load capacity because the amount of force applied when doing so is far greater than when the vehicle is stationary.

Ideally a dynamic load rating excludes any people within a roof top tent.