Water Tank Canvas Bags

The Canopy Camper Canvas bags are an additional accessory to the water tank.


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These bags are designed specifically for the Water Tank. After your water tank installation, you are still able to attach the canvas bags back on to the tank with an easy DIY fitment.

This is extremely helpful for additional storage space for your overlanding trip. The bag comes with 4 mesh pockets and 3 larger zip sealed canvas bags. The bag layout is designed to allow the water level of the tank to be visible to you.

These bags are an additional accessory to the camper.



Masses & Dimensions:

Mass (kg)

Water Tank (Empty) 9,50
Water Tank (Full) 59,50
Complete Assembly without bags (Empty) 20,50
Complete Assembly with bags (Empty) 24,00
Complete Assembly without bags (Full) 70,50
Complete Assembly with bags (Full) 74,00


Water Tank – Length 1468
Water Tank – Width 105
Water Tank – Height 520
Complete Assembly – Length 1468
Complete Assembly – Width (with empty bags) ± 145
Complete Assembly – Width (without bags) ± 135
Complete Assembly – Height 665