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Spend less time looking for gear or setting up camp and more time in the outdoors with Alu-Cab's wide range of drawer systems, gear compartments, tilting fridge slides, rooftop tents, awnings and more. Visit


The Alu-Cab Difference

Alu-Cab Roof Box

Another very exciting product that’s just come off the line at Alu-Cab. Our new and improved Roof Box has dozens of uses for the overland explorer, and once you’ve camped with this bolt-on box, you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it. Here’s why it’s particularly specialtous...

A great accessory - The Alu-Cab storm kit for the Shadow Awning

The alu-cab shadow awn storm kit is a fantastic accessory to have. Watch Jeremy Bergh, CEO and Founder of Alu-Cab explain why

The ease of getting into the Icarus

We show you just how easy it is to access the bed of the Icarus Roof Conversion.

Recovery Trax Folding Bracket/Table Demonstration

Warwick Leslie, Alu-Cab's Managing Director demonstrates one of Alu-Cab's new products, the Recovery Trax Folding Bracket/Table. Please note this product is still in development.