Contour Canopy Kitchen Kit

The ultimate all-in-one solution for mobile kitchens is here!

The kit contains all the essentials required while on the go, including cookware, utensils, a spice rack and pre-installed cutting board. It fits seamlessly into the canopy, saving valuable space in the rig.

Basic cupboard which includes full kitchen kit as below:

1 x Kettle and Potholder with Stainless Steel Kettle
1 x Kettle and Potholder with Enamel Pot and four breakfast bowls stored inside the pot
2 x Mug Holders with two stainless steel mugs each
1 x Pan Holder with a 24cm Non-Stick Pan
1 x Drinking Glass Holder with four stainless steel tumblers
1 x Cutting Board and Platter Holder with one cutting board and four platters
1 x Knife holder with a chef’s knife and a bread knife
1 x Knife holder with a spatula
1 x Small Tupperware Holder with three Addis Containers
1 x Spice Holder (does not come with spices)
1 x Cutlery Roll with four butter knives, forks, tablespoons and teaspoons
1 x Fold-out table with integrated bamboo cutting board and a stainless-steel food safe preparation surface


Mitsubishi Triton 
Chevy Colorado
Land Cruiser 79 DC
Land Cruiser 79 SC

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Effortless Setup: Designed for easy setup, our new Contour Kitchen Kit integrates perfectly into existing Contour Canopies. Simply release that table’s holding tab to unlock (Step 1), pull on the tab underneath the table to release it (Step 2) and allow the table to rest outside of the kitchen cupboard (Step 3).

Streamlined Organization: Cooking utensils are always within reach with neatly organized compartments. The kitchen kit also features a useful top tray for holding anything from prepped ingredients to completed meals out of the way and off the table.

Ultimate Convenience: Prep a light snack, make a meal or simply indulge in a hot on-the-go beverage with everything all in one convenient location.

Eco-friendly Innovation: Our handy bamboo cutting board comes pre-installed and is inherently strong and durable, making it the perfect companion for all slicing, dicing, chopping and prepping endeavors.

Space Optimization: Tailored to maximize storage space, allowing for efficient packing and leaving room for other essential gear.



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