Ineos Grenadier Roof Conversion

We are excited to introduce our latest roof conversion, built specifically for the INEOS Grenadier! This innovative addition will expand the capabilities of the Grenadier, adding a new dimension to off-road adventures. This game-changing conversion, currently in research and design phase, will offer seamless integration and enhanced functionality with a modern aesthetic.

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Embark on a journey of innovation with our all-new Grenadier roof conversion – the epitome of style and functionality. Be the FIRST to elevate your overlanding experience to unprecedented heights.

We are offering you an exclusive opportunity to be a pioneer in the world of exploration. Own the adventure, be the trendsetter, and redefine your journey with our cutting-edge Grenadier conversion.


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Please keep in mind that the Grenadier Roof Conversion is still in R&D  – This is your initial glimpse into the future of adventure. We anticipate the arrival of the Grenadier Roof Conversion in Q3/4 2024.