Jimny Interior Molle Plate [LHS & RHS]

Give your off-road adventures an upgrade with our Interior Molle Plates, designed specifically to elevate the functionality of your Jimny 4×4’s interior space. Whether you’re a rugged explorer, a tactical enthusiast or simply crave a more organized vehicle interior, our Molle Plates are a great solution for you.

Inspired by Alu-Cab’s Expertise: Our Molle Plates bring the same level of innovation and quality that adventurers have trusted for years. Based on time-tested designs that have proven invaluable on expeditions, we’ve now tailored them for your Jimny.

Conquer Chaos: Say goodbye to clutter and disarray. Our Molle Plates provide a seamless platform to attach a wide range of gear – from first aid kits, water bottles and tools, to communication devices and camping essentials. Keep everything securely in place even on the roughest terrains, ensuring your interior is tidy and your gear is within arm’s reach.

Personalized Configuration: Your adventure is unique and your interior setup should mimic that. The molle system allows you to arrange your gear with precision, creating a customized layout that suits your preferences and requirements. Be in control of your storage like never before.


Material: Black powder-coated aluminium

Dimensions: Please see diagrams for product dimensions 

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1.7 Kg’s each

Weight capacity of the interior molle plate:
25 kg’s