Jimny Storage | Speaker Box

Introducing the ultimate accessory for your Jimny: our rugged and versatile storage box. Engineered to enhance your off-road adventures, this storage box offers a secure and organized solution for your valuables and gear.

Space Optimization: With limited interior space in a Jimny, a storage box provides additional storage capacity, allowing you to carry more gear without sacrificing passenger comfort.

Security: A lockable storage box provides a secure place to store valuable items, reducing the risk of theft when leaving the vehicle unattended.

Entertainment: If used as a speaker box, it provides protection for your audio entertainment during your drives, whether you’re commuting, road-tripping, or off-roading. *Excludes speakers*


Material: Black powder-coated aluminium

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Suitable for use with the 3-door Gen 4 Jimny.

Our storage speaker box in a Jimny offers a convenient and space-efficient solution for storing your belongings or secure protection for enjoying audio entertainment on the road.



Jimny Storage | Speaker Box 1:
307 x 338 x 187 mm

Jimny Storage | Speaker Box 2:
408 x 338 x 187 mm