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For any warranty claims please contact your dealer directly. All warranty claims will be processed through the dealer you purchased the product from.



1.1. Our Alu-Cab warranty covers STRUCTURAL and MOVING PARTS in respect of all products and the manufacture thereof.

1.2. Alu-Cab offers, from the date of original invoice, a:

1.2.1. 2 YEAR STRUCTURAL WARRANTY (on frames, panels, etc)

1.2.2. 1 YEAR WARRANTY ON MOVING PARTS (hinges, shocks, sliders etc)

1.3. Alu-Cab will provide a warranty repair/replacement service at its sole discretion, subject to verification of the relevant defect.

1.4. All transport charges, including shipping, handling, and insurance fees, will be for the account of the customer.


2.1. The warranty covers manufacturer’s defaults only. It does not cover damages resulting from wear and tear, misuse, natural disasters, or accidents. The warranty shall furthermore not apply in the event that the product has been altered or modified in any manner.

2.2. In respect of the Alu-Cab 270 Shadow Awning, please follow the guidelines to ensure that the warranty remains in effect.
While the unit handles wind better than many awnings, we recommend that you deploy the guy ropes if the wind picks up. When in doubt about the wind, we suggest that you use your guy ropes.


All goods received from Alu-Cab must adhere to the following procedure. Failure to comply with this procedure may result in a warranty claim not being accepted.

3.1. All boxes must be inspected for damage or defects in the presence of the driver or representative of the transport company.

3.2. All boxes must be opened, and contents inspected for damage or defects in the presence of the driver or representative of the transport company.

3.3. Where damage is observed on any products or boxes, such damage must immediately be reported to the driver or representative of the transport company, and the delivery waybill must be endorsed by the driver or representative of the transport company.

3.4. Where damage is observed on any products, these products must not be accepted without prior confirmation from Alu-Cab, and confirmation of any damages in writing.


4.1. Customer to contact their dealer regarding claim.


b. Pictures of the affected parts.

c. Copy of the final quote

d. Copy of original invoice and waybill/proof of delivery/fitment confirmation.

4.2. Alu-Cab will evaluate the claim, and subsequently advise the customer of the steps forward.

4.3. Should the unit be repairable, Alu-Cab will advise the customer of the closest approved repair centre to deliver the unit to for repairs, as well as a contact number.

4.4. The repair centre will make a detailed assessment and provide Alu-Cab with the assessment in order to finalize the claim.

4.5. Once approved, the unit must be returned to the repair centre, so that the repairs may be effected. The customer must liaise directly with the repair centre so that they can advise

        on booking and repair times.

4.6. Where a unit is assessed for replacement, the client must arrange for return of the unit to the point of purchase

4.6.1. Where the unit was purchased from a dealer other than Alu-Cab Cape Town, the unit must be returned to that dealer.

4.6.2. Where the unit was purchased directly from Alu-Cab Cape Town, the unit must be returned to Alu-Cab Cape Town.

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