2 Chair Carrier

Upper right side:

  • Designed for Front Runner chairs
  • Made to fit 2 chairs
  • Note this excludes the chairs
  • If you would like a bigger chair carrier have a look at the Double Chair Carrier

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Our single chair carrier solves the problem for a very common issue, where do you put your chairs?  Chairs can be bulky and take up some much-needed room when packing for a trip, where space is like gold. Luckily, we design with packing and space in mind, and are always considering the best possible solution to problems when overlanding, hence the introduction of our chair carriers.

An added bonus or solution is that the recovery cupboard is attached to the side of the chair carrier. We use a grid system supplied with re-usable flexy ties allowing you to attach various tools and accessories neatly, ensuring you have critical items handy at all times.

A quick and easily accessible way for you to store your chairs and your gear.