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Being properly organised when gearing up for adventure is probably first on the agenda before one heads-out into the bush.

Using our drawer system gives you the ability pack your supplies neatly in place for easy access. What makes the drawer such a great product for a truck, is that when you need to find your gear or quickly get something its right there. The loose carpet can come out of the drawer and be hosed off if necessary.

Combined with the Alu-Cab Tilting fridge slide , Overlanding has never been easier.

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There are a number of points to consider when choosing the right drawer system. If you are not really familiar with what to look out for you can easily choose the wrong product for your needs.

Here are some pointers that one should consider or know when looking for a drawer for your vehicle.

  1. Consider the type of drawer runners being used. This is of high importance. Alu-cab uses heavy duty solid sealed stainless steel bearings for its drawers. What makes this bearing design great is its ability to withstand weight, dust, water and the rigors of constant corrugations in the off-road environment.
  2. Consider what materials are being used for the draw. Our drawers are built from Aluminium. This makes our drawer system one of the lightest and most durable drawers on the market.
  3. Look at the finish on top of the drawer system. Alu-cab uses a commercial waterproof ply. This ply is covered with a nylon carpet. The carpet is important as it protects the top and also assists with longevity of the product. This also allows one to pack on top of it.
  4. The carpet lining in the bottom of the drawer is only loosely laid in position in the drawer. Our reason for this is that should something break open inside the drawer during your travels. Cleaning is nice and simple. The drawer can be easily released from its housing by releasing some locking pins.
  5. The loose carpet can come out of the drawer and be hosed off if necessary.
  6. The strengthening bend in the top of the drawer is bent out. What this does is, it allows for extra packing space as the bent lip does not interfere with the inside of the drawer.
  7. Our drawers are designed in such a fashion that you can fit a wolfpack ammo box inside with the lid on. Useful when trying to keep out dust or have your gear packed in boxes.
  8. A standard cooldrink or beer can, of 330 mm can pack one on top of the other in the drawer. Sounds like a small feature but actually it amounts to a lot when packing for those long adventures and are trying to make your space work for you as best as possible.
  9. The deck on top of the drawer system is made from a 12 mm ply wood. This ply is very strong and allows us to load a large amount of gear and weight on top of it. Especially when fitting your fridge in this position. It can normally bolt right through the top.
  10. The closing latches are self-latching stainless steel latches so one just pushes the drawer to close. They are strong latches that can be locked for securing your gear in the drawers.






DS-S-750: (16kg)   815 x 500 x 280 mm [L,W,H]
DS-S-1230: (25kg) 1295 x 500 x 280 mm [L,W,H]
DS-S-1450: (27kg) 1515 x 500 x 280 mm [L,W,H]


DS-D-750: (34 kg)   815 x 1000 x 280 mm [L,W,H]
DS-D-1230: (50kg) 1295 x 1000 x 280 mm [L,W,H]
DS-D-1450: (55kg) 1515 x 1000 x 280 mm [L,W,H]


DS-S-750 / DS-D-750:   750 x 420 x 234 mm [L,W,H]
DS-S-1230 / DS-D-1230: 1230 x 420 x 234 mm [L,W,H]
DS-S-1450 / DS-D-1450: 1450 x 420 x 234mm [L,W,H]





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